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Quick tip about function vs function*

· One min read
Benjamin Auzanneau

What is function * ?

It's generator function which returns a Generator object. Generators are intricately linked with iterators.

But what is a generator function ?

It's a function that can stop midway and then continue from where it stopped !

function* generatorExample() {
let counter = 0;
yield `First step ! ${counter}`;
yield `Second step ! ${counter}`;
console.log("No yield, the function is done");

const generator = generatorExample();
console.log(; // First step ! 1
console.log(; // Second step ! 2
console.log(; // No yield, the function is done

The Generator object offers a next() function that you can call to go further into the next step of the generator.

You can check MDN for more information.

That's it, make good use of it !

I'm not a native English speaker so, thanks in advance if you want to improve my article with correct syntax/grammar/sentences.

I can accept all kind remarks :)

Cover by Wolfgang Rottmann on Unsplash